Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Get Off The Couch - Week 1

OK - I have been posting all these simple workouts on Facebook and I have received such a positive response that I decided to consolidate them all into blog posts to make it easier to refer to them in the future. 

My goal was never to create an exercise program, however so many people have told me how much they are enjoying this and look forward to the next workout that my focus changed.  I coined the name "Get Off the Couch" and then I set out to target the people in my life who need a little motivation to move more and whose health could greatly benefit. I would simply love to see everyone I  know take better care of themselves - 1 exercise a day. 

I hope that I have motivated you to move more, even if you never do these exercises that I suggest.

For those of you who already move, you can incorporate these exercises into your daily routine and you probably already know how to make them more challenging for yourself. Going forward, I will look to add a "challenge" option to each day.

I signed up for a nutrition class next month, so I am hoping to share what I learn there as well.

Disclaimer - consult with your doctor before beginning any exercise or diet program.  :-)

Here is Week One

Day 1
Get off the couch and move your body for 10-20 minutes. Walk, run, stretch, hop up and down...anything. Repeat again tomorrow. I know you can!!

Day 2
Get off your couch and march, march, march!! Swing your arms high and raise your knees as high as you can. Keep going for 5 minutes, then drink some water, then repeat until you've marched for 20 minutes. Sure you'll look stupid, but who cares? You can do it!!

Day 3
Get up off the couch. Ready?? Stand up tall and reach for the sky, bend down to touch your toes, even if you have to bend your legs to do it, then sit down on the floor and stand up again. Repeat 5 times. Rest, drink some water. Repeat the whole 5x sequence four more times.

Day 4
Get up off the couch and get ready! Lay on the floor on you back with your arms stretched up over your head and your chin in your chest. Flutter kick for 30 seconds then, without using you arms or hands, roll to your belly. Keep your arms up ahead of you and your head lifted and flutter kick for 30 secs. Repeat 4x. Drink some water and then repeat the whole sequence 4 more times. Is this helping you? I hope so!!

Day 5
It's a beautiful day to get up off the couch and go for a walk. Head out for a mile. And that means, yes you guessed it... another mile back. You can!

Day 6
Rest and hydrate, for tomorrow we begin again. :)

Day 7 
Okay, are you rested and ready to go? Get up off the couch. Get down on the floor in a push-up postion and hold it for 20 seconds then stand up and reach for the sky - stretching as high as you can. Rest, take a sip of water and repeat 5 more times. I know you can!!

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