Monday, July 19, 2010

Bike, Run, Dance...huh?

Today I threw a new sport into the triathlon cross training mix - dance. I woke up this morning and rode 10 very hilly miles with my friend Wonder Woman. We convinced each other to run two miles after we got off the bikes. We started jogging and quickly decided to power walk the two miles... so pathetic. But as we loosened up, we decided to push ourselves to 4 miles and to alternate power walking and jogging. Granted, we did walk more than jog but it was forward momentum and I was glad we did as much as we did. I ran four slow miles last night, so I convinced myself to take it even slower today. Besides - I had to save something for DANCE CAMP!!!

That's right, I am taking a week of dance classes this week. I'm calling it dance camp because it makes me feel a little less old. I haven't danced in any serious way for over 20 years. Tonight's class was a contemporary class. This is a style that I have never done before. I have seen it on So You Think You Can Dance and have always loved watching it and the way the body moves in this style of dance. Today my body was not quite moving with the rhythm of the rises and falls, but I learned a lot and had so much fun. There were only three of us in the class and I was, by far, the oldest. We did some moves where we had to roll onto our knees (ouch) on the hard wood floor (double ouch) so there might be a bruise or two tomorrow. But oh my! What fun!

My work out plans tomorrow include an early morning bike/run and an early evening swim followed by dance camp again. Tomorrow I will hit the floor for ballet - a little closer to home, but I am quite rusty and rickety in that style. At least my body might remember some of what it did 20 years ago, Stay tuned!


  1. One of the things I love about training with you (and reading your reflections) is that you don't take yourself too seriously. You are always willing to try something new and just try to chalk it up to a new experience. Who else do I know that is in in full-on training mode for an Olympic distance triathlon but is willing to not only swim/bike/run but also to kayak and dance?! That's awesome. I really think it shows that you are out for a well rounded experience. You rock!!

  2. Thanks Cori - it is great to train with other like minded tri girls like you. Thanks for coming along today. I loved having you pushing me the whole way! I enjoyed hearing about your adventures in camping during a thunder storm. :-)